Two people sitting on the steps at Cowell College with a view of the athletics and recreation area in the background.

Residential Colleges

All UC Santa ߣߣƵ undergraduate students, whether they live on campus or not, are affiliated with one of 10 residential colleges. Each college provides academic support, organizes student activities, and sponsors events that enhance the intellectual and social life of the campus in addition to housing students in small-scale residential communities.

Every college ߣߣƵ includes students with diverse backgrounds and academic goals. A student’s college affiliation is independent of their choice of major, and assignments are based upon space availability and students’ requests for affiliation.

UC Santa ߣߣƵ colleges in order of their founding:

Founded: 1965 | 

Founded: 1966 | 

Founded: 1967 | 

Founded: 1968 | 

Founded: 1969 | 

Founded: 1971 | 

Founded: 1972 | 

Founded: 1972 | 

Founded: 2000 | 

Founded: 2002 | 

Last modified: Sep 18, 2023