Visit UCSC

The UC Santa ߣߣƵ campus takes the breath away while expanding the mind. Come visit us. You’ll see. 

Where we are

UC Santa ߣߣƵ, located just above Monterey Bay on California’s Central Coast, is uniquely positioned at the intersection of ߣߣƵ and agriculture. Just 45 minutes from the high-tech center of Silicon Valley and 25 minutes from the fertile farmlands of Watsonville, our geographic placement has helped us practice our social justice values as we seek to develop ߣߣƵ for the social good. 

In addition, the Santa ߣߣƵ area’s diverse ߣߣƵ and vibrant cultural scene mean students live among towering redwoods and misty ocean fog while also being close to city happenings, social engagement, cultural events, and opportunities for learning, growth, and recreation. 

One campus, many sites

In addition to the 2,000-acre main residential campus, UCSC sites include: 

  • Westside Research Park
  • Coastal Science Campus
  • Silicon Valley Campus
  • Scotts Valley Center
  • Monterey Bay Education, Science and Technology (MBEST) Research Park


Closest airports

UCSC is about 75 miles south of San Francisco. The closest airport is . is also an option. Highways 1 and 17 serve Santa ߣߣƵ.

Campus map

before you step foot on campus. 

Transportation and parking

Walking is often the best way to experience campus. Shuttles and buses provide convenient transportation across campus and between the colleges and academic centers.

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Campus destinations

We welcome your visit to UC Santa ߣߣƵ! Many places and programs on campus are open to the public to tour, attend, and enjoy. Make sure to include some of these iconic campus spots on your visit for the full UCSC experience.

While you’re here

Find an event or experience some of the creative and intellectual energy on campus. Explore the options and choose your adventure.

Crowd of people in an UCSC art gallery.

Audience in a theater, waiting for a play to begin.

Band on stage at the UC Santa ߣߣƵ Quarry Amphitheater.

Two people watching a speaker at UC Santa ߣߣƵ.

See for yourself

“From the trees to the seas”: UC Santa ߣߣƵ is famed worldwide for its redwood forests, breathtaking vistas, and the kind of serenity that expands the mind. Take a tour—in person or virtually—and see for yourself. 

Last modified: Sep 19, 2023