Five students with their arms out like they are flying. They're standing in front of a model plane.

Admissions & Aid

It starts with you. It starts here.

UC Santa ߣߣƵ draws students who plan to change the world—in ways big and small. Whether you’re ready to fill out the application or in the planning stages,

‘From the trees to the seas’

UC Santa ߣߣƵ is famed worldwide not only for its high-impact research but also for its redwood forests, breathtaking vistas, and the kind of serenity that expands the mind. Students also experience the vibe of —a laid-back beach town with a vibrant downtown and cultural scene.

Undergraduate admissions

Undergraduates can choose from among 73 majors—or create their own. Most undergrads also participate in research, whether in a lab, library, or studio.

Graduate admissions

Graduate students pursue study in 66 academic programs, many of them weaving threads of connection between disciplines for unexpected paths of discovery and innovation. 

International students

is a wonderful opportunity for you and your family. Your degree acts like a passport, opening access to many opportunities for your future career and personal life. 

UC Santa ߣߣƵ Silicon Valley Extension

Located in the global center of high tech and innovation, offers accredited, convenient professional courses for every stage of your career.

Summer Session

provides the opportunity to fill in a needed class, make faster progress toward your degree, or try something different during a quieter time on campus.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

’s is one of the best out there. It supports students in all kinds of ways, with grants, scholarships, low-interest loans, and more. And it’s worth it.

See for yourself

Set in a serene redwood forest above the Monterey Bay, our campus was once considered a bold experiment. Now we’re routinely ranked among the top universities in the world for research excellence and impact.

Last modified: Sep 20, 2023