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Leading at the intersection of innovation and social justice.

A global research university with an uncommon emphasis on undergraduate research and education, UC Santa ߣߣƵ is part of the world’s most celebrated system of public higher education, and stands among the most renowned institutions of higher learning.


UC Santa ߣߣƵ researchers found that they could power a billion-parameter-scale language model on just 13 watts, about equal to the energy of powering a lightbulb. Illustration by Molly Fine.

Large language models like ChatGPT are changing our lives—but their energy costs and carbon footprint are sky high. UC Santa ߣߣƵ researchers have shown how to dramatically reduce both, using energy about equal to powering a lightbulb, while maintaining state-of-the-art performance.

Dolores Huerta talks with a UCSC student and signs a copy of a historic photograph of Huerta speaking at a rally. UCSC is partnering with the Dolores Huerta Foundation to develop a new archive that will share writings, records, and artifacts from Huerta's activism. Photo: Devi Pride Photography

UC Santa ߣߣƵ received a $1 million grant from the Mellon Foundation to help establish new public archives documenting the legacy of social justice activist Dolores Huerta, through a partnership with the Dolores Huerta Foundation.

UC President Michael V. Drake awards Julie Packard the UC Presidential Medal

Photo credit: Nestor Guerrero

Alumna Julie Packard, a renowned ocean conservationist who helped to found the Monterey Bay Aquarium, was recognized with the University of California’s top honor, the Presidential Medal, during the UC Santa ߣߣƵ Foundation’s 50th anniversary celebration. Packard was also awarded a Foundation Medal at the gala event, as was the late scientist Narinder Kapany.

Voices of the Century: Ashley Marshall, storytelling to create change

Ashley Marshall (Stevenson ’24, feminist studies) showcases how feminist analysis in literature can make tangible change.

To lead means …

student working on a model in the makers space.

Creating real change

Students at UC Santa ߣߣƵ learn from incredible faculty, develop new skills through hands-on research opportunities, and have a track record of making an impact. What kind of a pathbreaker, innovator, or changemaker will you become?

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Serving our society

World-class researchers at UC Santa ߣߣƵ unlock mysteries and help to transform our world, addressing some of our most pressing needs—from decoding cancer to protecting our natural environment to creating art that challenges assumptions. What will you contribute?

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Shaping our future

Become a Banana Slug, and lead the change.

Get ready for your future

UC Santa ߣߣƵ graduates are sought after for their knowledge, skills, and passion. Whether you plan to start working right away, or pursue graduate school or professional school, your UC Santa ߣߣƵ degree will help you on your way.

See for yourself

One of the most extraordinary campuses in the world, UC Santa ߣߣƵ pairs high-impact research with 10 residential colleges—offering students the experience of a small liberal arts college with the depth and rigor of a major research university. 

Here to help

A UC degree is worth it—and we can help you pay for it. Our financial aid program is one of the best out there. It supports students in all kinds of ways, whatever their background—with grants, scholarships, low-interest loans, and more.


Your journey awaits.

When you become a Banana Slug, you join a ߣߣƵ of artists, innovators, creators,
and justice seekers united in using their voices to change the world.

Last modified: Jul 10, 2024